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Ivy Academia students and teachers stand in front of Collectors Editions with V.P. of Production Tim Dickson and C.E.O. Michael Young and his wife Marla.

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. In classrooms across the nation, elementary and middle school students are learning the basics of business skills for the 21st century.  At Ivy Academia Entrepreneurial Charter School, located in Woodland Hills, Calif., the focus is primarily on entrepreneurship and its application for the real world.

This charter school builds on the traditional curriculum of California public schools, while also incorporating critical thinking, personal research, expression through writing and speech, and practical application of all subjects.  The school provides numerous "hands-on" business experiences for students.  As part of the entrepreneurial program students and teachers were recently invited to spend the day at Collectors Editions, Canoga Park, CA, learning about the business of fine art publishing and printmaking.

Trevor Carlton poses with students

Students were treated to an informative tour of Eclipse Workshop while the talented printmakers were producing serigraphs and giclée’s on paper and textured canvas.  Later, the children created two collaborative paintings which were subsequently photographed and printed on canvas while they waited.  "The children were given an overview of the publishing business and now have an understanding of how an original painting can be reproduced and marketed for sale to galleries and collectors" said Tatyana Berkovich, president and founder of Ivy Academia.   "Seeing and learning about the process first-hand was an invaluable learning experience for everyone involved."


When asked to express their future career goals Ivy Academia students painted their visions on canvas.

"We are thrilled to be a part of the Ivy Academia community and look forward to continuing our involvement in their entrepreneurial program for years to come" says, Michael Young, CEO of Collectors Editions.  Artist Trevor Carlton was also in attendance and created a performance painting for the student’s entertainment.  The finished painting was donated by Trevor and Collectors Editions to be auctioned at their annual Gala Fundraiser to support the entrepreneurial education program.

The future looks bright indeed.

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