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20th anniversary



Collectors Editions Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary

20 Years of Painting a Better Canvas  
For the Art World…One Brush Stroke at a Time  




Few companies have the distinction of celebrating twenty years in their respective industry.  Even fewer have the honor of being at the forefront.  In 2006, Collectors Editions will become such a company.   


Led by CEO Michael Young, Collectors Editions will launch a year-long celebration in 2006 to commemorate its 20th Anniversary.  This celebration will include the launch of new artists, gallery services and programs as Collectors Editions looks to solidify its position as the global leader in the Fine Art Publishing industry. 


Some of the biggest and brightest stars in the industry started their careers with Collectors Editions.  The company has catapulted artists such as Hessam, Terbush, Pino, Wren, Sabzi, Garmash and Joanny into superstardom.  As a result of the success achieved through Collectors Editions’ promotion and management of their careers, many were inspired to start their own publishing companies. 


A leader in innovation, Collectors Editions was one of the first American companies able to cultivate interest from Japan and their consumer market with various artists, something that many of their competitors were unable to achieve.  Noticing an increase in the demand for animation art, Collectors Editions was also the first of the big houses to jump into the game with the acquisition of the global license for Disney Fine Art; a move that has since brought Collectors Editions an increase in distribution and profits. 


With Collectors Editions in-house printing division, Eclipse Workshop, they are dedicated to providing unique product development with their artists.  Eclipses’ master printmakers go through a painstaking review process with the artists to ensure that the highest quality reproductions are done for their limited edition giclees.  Each print is reviewed for color correction and artist approval before the hand embellishment and signature is applied by the original artist.  This process has given Collectors Editions the reputation of having the best quality product available for their gallery partners and their respective clients. 


To commemorate this milestone, Collectors Editions will host a fete to the industry at Artexpo New York in March 2006.  This celebratory event will serve as the launch of the new programs and artists the company plans to roll out.    Some of these programs include the new Collectors Edition; 20 unique editions of 20, hand embellished and signed; and the Oppression Into Freedom Tour: A Study of Eastern European Art from the Communist Era to Social Democracy, a museum-style art gallery tour.   


Additional celebratory announcements include Artist Tim Rogerson’s naming as Official Artist of the 2006 US Olympic Winter Team.  Rogerson created a piece specifically for this purpose which will hang in the USA House at the games in Torino in February 2006.  A limited edition giclee program will also be released in January 2006 as well as a poster program with proceeds going to support the US Olympic Team. 


Collectors Editions will also launch a new printing service from its Eclipse Workshop division called Chiarograph.  More details on this never before seen technique which uses the arrangement of light and dark parts in art work will be announced in 2006.  It is sure to create demand for the artist portfolio that is already the most collected in the industry. 


Collectors Editions mission statement says it all;  


Collectors Editions is a highly motivated team dedicated to providing the highest quality art and services available in the industry.  As a comprehensive business partner our strength is generated from our commitment to our artists, our clients, our industry, our employees and ourselves. 


As each year has passed and continues to pass, Collectors Editions is painting a better canvas for the art world…one brush stroke at a time.

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